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Case Study: First-time vacation rental owners earn Over $54,000 in 9 months


Challenge: Help Lake Havasu owners exceed their vacation rental income goals with a professional marketing strategy.

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Dave Anderson and his wife, Sarah, had been visiting Lake Havasu, Arizona for several years for vacation but always struggled to find a place to rent.

“We always had so much trouble finding a place to stay in Lake Havasu because everything was almost always booked up,” Dave said, “so eventually my siblings, my wife, and I decided it would be a good opportunity for us to buy a home there.”

Before Dave even bought the second home, he was told to consider using it as a vacation rental. Suddenly, Dave began looking at the impending purchase as more than just a property to stay in, but possibly even a lucrative investment.

Dave interviewed several local property managers but was never impressed. He knew that if he wanted to at least break even on the investment, he would need a service that took his property beyond local advertising and marketed on a global scale.

Dave found out about Evolve when he hired on-the-ground services for the property. The company (an Evolve Partner) knew that Dave would benefit from Evolve’s services - and Dave decided he would give it a try.


Everyone at Evolve has been kind, easy to understand, and helpful with answering questions throughout the process.”

I have not only been ecstatic with the marketing presence that Evolve has given my rental, but am so grateful for the bookings and profit we’ve earned using the services.”

Dave Anderson, Evolve Homeowner


Dave wanted a partner that was trustworthy, communicative, able to get his family’s property in front of travelers everywhere.

“I was looking for a service that had the ability to reach out to a wide market and a large crowd. The local property managers that I interviewed had no marketing sources and no online presence - they basically told me that they rely on a list of past renters and that’s it. ”

Luckily, Evolve was the perfect solution.

Evolve sent a professional photographer to Dave’s Lake Havasu property and created an expert listing for his rental. Evolve then distributed Dave’s listing on Airbnb, VRBO, TripAdvisor, and HomeAway, and the property was bookable in no time.


Time with Evolve

9 Months

Nights Booked


Total Bookings


Rental Income



When Dave and his siblings decided that they would use their vacation home as a rental, they were really just looking to cover the costs of their investment. “I would have been happy making $26,000 our first year,” Dave said. “But with Evolve, we have far exceeded that number, and I am just blown away.”

In fact, in the nine short months that Dave has been with Evolve, we’ve more than doubled his personal goal: $54,617 before the year’s end.

Dave’s property has thrived with Evolve and we can’t wait to see how much the property has earned when Dave celebrates his one-year anniversary with us!


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