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HOW OWNERs found the perfect property and MADE $41,000 IN their FIRST MONTH AS A HOST


Challenge: Help a family buy the perfect vacation home and book it up

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In late 2018, Sean and Tricia Carpenter from Orlando, FL were looking for a vacation rental property in the Cocoa Beach area. They wanted a house they could rent out most of the month and still have some weekends for their family. 


Sean had the typical worries of getting into “a new business” — hoping to earn enough to cover the mortgage, furnishing the entire space, and building/refining the outdoor area. They were concerned about the high 40-50% cost of local property managers, losing control of their rental property, and the general fear of not getting any bookings or income at all.


My wife and I were blown away by the number of bookings. We got one... then another... we were getting one booking per day for the first 20-30 days."

"We loved Evolve's management fee and partnership in the process. I wasn't comfortable losing control and profits over my property."


Sean C., Homeowner


The Carpenters reached out to Evolve for help. We supported them by providing market research and advice about starting a vacation rental business.


Our detailed market data convinced them to upgrade from a 2 bedroom house to a 4 bedroom since their investment would perform better (with more booking opportunities). We also gave them feedback and recommendations for updating their property with profit-driving amenities to help it stand out from the competition. They found a beautiful home—with 4 bedrooms, a solar-heated pool, outdoor bar, fire pit, game garage, and more—right near the Cocoa Beach pier and the famous Ron Jon’s surf shop.


The Carpenters appreciated how helpful Evolve was, constantly touching base, offering income projections, and providing support throughout the whole process. They loved the flexibility, professional photography, marketing strategy, and just how quickly they saw bookings come through with Evolve.


The Carpenters also really love Evolve’s new mobile app, which makes managing and monitoring their bookings and property easy from anywhere.


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166 days

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Total Bookings


Rental Income



Fast forward to March 2019. In just their first month, they received over $41,000 in bookings.


Sean and Tricia were so excited when their first booking came right away, then another, and another, until they received 28 bookings in just that first month. And Evolve handled it all.


Now, the Carpenters have extra income for their family and focus on the parts of vacation rental that they love while leaving the more tedious and stressful things to Evolve. 


Tricia enjoys providing guests with unique touches like their welcome kit with a bottle of wine, bar of chocolate, snacks, maps, and the best things to do in Cocoa Beach. Sean enjoys managing the bills and rental income. The bookings keep coming in and they’ve currently made over $74,000 in total.


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