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Challenge: Help a vacation rental investor maximize profits while giving him his time back.

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Dale is no stranger to the vacation rental industry. Over the years, he’s purchased several properties with a group of trusted partners, using some of the homes as long term rentals and one of them as a short-term rental.

But after five years of managing the short-term rentals on their own, Dale suggested they should go in another direction. He knew there had to be a better way to handle guest inquiries, set nightly rates, and manage the listing sites: “Hiring an organization that has an entire business model based on our vacation rental success was a no brainer.”

Dale was referred to Evolve by a fellow homeowner, and after speaking with a Vacation Rental Advisor, he knew that choosing Evolve as a partner was the right decision.

In fact, Dale and his partners had such success with Evolve that when he decided to buy his own rental property in Winter Park, Colorado, he immediately called Evolve.

Because of the success we had with Evolve previously, I actually came to you guys right when I was under contract.”

I am ecstatic about my experience with Evolve. I not only have more money, but also so much more time.”

Dale, Evolve Owner


“Because of the success we had with Evolve previously, I actually came to you guys right when I was under contract. I hadn't even closed on my Winter Park property and we were already starting the process of get my listing live.”

From his experience managing properties with his partners, Dale knew exactly what he wanted - and needed - to be successful. The challenge of marketing his property and responding to travelers had become too burdensome. Dale was determined to find the right type of expert, and Evolve catered to all of his needs.

Fielding guest inquiries, taking on all of the marketing, taking professional photos, offering full-time support teams - these are just some of the services Evolve offers that have helped Dale achieve success.


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Within the first 12 hours that his Winter Park property went live with Evolve, Dale got his first booking. Since then, his rental has been booked solid throughout the season

In fact, he’s gotten 37 bookings and earned $66,362 in the six short months that it’s been listed online.

“I am ecstatic about Evolve, and as I look at purchasing future properties - I automatically build Evolve into the equation.”

We’re so happy we could help Dale achieve positive cash flow on his investment in just 6 months, and we’re excited to see where this partnership will take him!


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