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Case Study: Vermont Owner Earns $89,283 in First 5 Months


Challenge:  Help a first-time rental owner use his former house to generate income for his out-of-state move.

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When Rocky Cleborne and his wife decided to move from Vermont to their new home in New Hampshire, their first idea was to sell their old house to help pay for the new one. But after months without finding a buyer, the couple decided to look into other options.

Rocky had received a pamphlet from a company advertising vacation rental management, but he couldn’t get that company to return his calls. Still, Rocky’s research indicated he would be able to cover his costs if he could only find a more reliable partner.


There wasn't a week that went by where we didn't get a reservation for the home."

I can't say enough good things about you guys, and that doesn't come easily. Being in the service industry myself, I am pretty much a stickler for good service.”

Rocky Cleborne, Evolve Owner


Rocky found Evolve online, and was quickly in love with our responsive team and customizable services. Our 10% booking fee was a small price to pay for professional marketing and booking services while still giving Rocky the ability to personally reach out to his renters. “We always include my wife's and my cell phone number on the email we send out to welcome them, but since we started this neither one of us has gotten a call from a traveler. Never.”

That flexibility and control also allowed Rocky to keep his on-the-ground service partners, whom he had no intention of losing. “One of the big reasons I chose Evolve was we were given the option to keep working with local caretakers that we trusted.”


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How has Rocky been doing so far? In the past five months, he’s made almost $90,000 and enjoyed consistent bookings for his rental. “There wasn't a week that went by where we didn't get a reservation for the home.”


Rocky and his wife have had such a great experience with Evolve, they’ve encouraged their family members to join too. “It’s really been a wonderful experience, to the point where we told our daughter what we were doing and now she has her home in Pennsylvania listed with Evolve. They just had their third rental this week, so it’s working with other family members, too.”


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