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case study: Vermont Owner Earns $35,572 in 5 months


Challenge: Help a first-time owner navigate the vacation rental landscape and achieve impressive results.

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When Todd and Mary Taggart bought their 2-bedroom condo in Stowe, Vermont, they were looking for a vacation home close to extended family.  After learning that the previous owners had listed the condo on VRBO and were receiving a healthy number of bookings, the Taggarts figured they would give vacation rental a shot as well.


After all, they only planned to use the property a couple of weeks per year and it would be sitting empty the rest of the time.

But being retired and living in California, it wasn’t exactly convenient for Todd and Mary to handle all of the responsibilities for their new vacation home in Vermont. They were going to need help.


We’ve only been using Evolve for a few months, but we’ve gotten another dozen or so bookings - and we’re up to $35,000 in gross sales. So that’s pretty good and that’s not even a full year!”

Between Evolve’s 10% booking fee, which I think is very fair and reasonable, and listing on all the top booking sites, it seemed like - well what’s the question? What’s to lose here?”

Todd Taggart, Evolve Owner


Todd knows a good thing when he sees it, and when he came across ads for Evolve, he recognized that it was exactly the edge he needed to succeed in the competitive vacation rental landscape.

He liked that Evolve would create their listing and promote it on not one - but five - booking sites. The added visibility across VRBO, HomeAway, Airbnb, and TripAdvisor could really help them capitalize on the condo’s potential. And with a full-time team of Travel Advisors fielding inquiries and securing bookings, they would be able to go beyond what the previous owners had been able to do on their own.

Getting all of this for just a low 10% booking fee made working with Evolve an easy choice.


Time with

5 Months










Todd and Mary have only been with Evolve for 5 months, but they’re already off to a strong start. The 20 bookings they’ve made have covered their costs - and then some! Their rental income has increased 90% over the previous owners’ performance, and they still have the better part of this year to build on those initial results.

“This is our first experience and we’re off to a pretty good start,” said Todd. “Everything has been working swimmingly. I wasn’t really expecting as many renters as we’ve gotten so far.”

We’re happy the Taggarts didn’t have to wait long to see results with their very first vacation rental, and we’re confident they will continue to see their investment pay off.


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