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Case Study: Sedona Couple Increases Rental Income by 100%


Challenge: Help veteran owners escape from the time-consuming task of vacation rental management while delivering better results.

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Sherry and Don Aviano were no strangers to vacation rental. Sherry had a background in real estate, and the couple had been self-managing their vacation rentals since the early 90s. They loved the income their investments generated, but hated the cumbersome task of managing their rentals. So two years ago, when they purchased and fixed up a property in Sedona, Arizona, they decided to lighten their load by hiring a local property manager.


However, things didn’t go as planned. The Avianos went entire months without bookings. Beyond the lack of performance, their property manager was ineffective, stubborn, and pushy. So after months of mismanagement, Sherry fired the local manager, and prepared to start managing the rental herself.

That’s when she learned about Evolve. Sherry was interviewing Belinda, a housekeeper who happened to be an Evolve service partner, and Belinda told Sherry that owners who used Evolve were getting twice as many bookings as others in the area.

We had $8,000 in bookings in January this year. Last year with the property manager, we had zero. Then February was booked solid, and March was booked solid.”

Evolve has been a game changer for my rental business. I've been able to buy more properties and make more money with far less effort.”

Sherry Aviano, Evolve Owner


Sherry’s interest was immediately piqued when she heard about Evolve’s track record. But she became even more interested when she learned that Evolve only charged a 10% booking fee and would handle the all of the marketing, guest inquiries, and provide guest support.

Those were the most time-consuming aspects of doing it on her own. She was happy to have someone else take over without forcing her to give up control of her business.

“Doing it on my own was so much work. Answering phone calls that come in all the time, answering questions, negotiating the price and how many people can be there. It was rarely a quick email. But with Evolve, there’s no comparison. I don’t have to handle the most annoying parts of the job anymore.”


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One year into their partnership with Evolve, Sherry is certain she made the right decision. She estimates that she’s doubled what she was earning with the property manager.

“We had $8,000 in bookings in January this year. Last year with the property manager, we had $0. So we went from $0 to $8,000 in one month,” said Sherry. “Then February was booked solid and March was booked solid.”

With the extra time and money on her hands, Sherry has been able to turn around and reinvest in her vacation rental business. The Avianos now have three properties with Evolve - and they’re not stopping there.

“We’ve had so much success that we’re actually fixing up a fourth property right now that we’re going to list with Evolve,” Sherry said.


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