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Case Study: Park City Owner Makes $65,714 in 6 Months


Challenge: Help a long-distance owner enjoy his property during the summer season - while turning a profit.

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Quite a lot of owners have trouble managing their property when they live out of state. David Arnold had an even bigger challenge: he and his expat family weren’t even living in the country. The family had wanted to keep ties to home with a vacation property in Park City, UT, but for that plan to work, the property would need to pay for itself - distance notwithstanding.

David knew he had a bigger-than-average challenge on his hands. The family wanted to use the property during much of the summer season, making it difficult to meet his income goals. To get the bookings he needed to turn a profit, he’d have to market and manage the property professionally, but that would be difficult to do from his position halfway around the world.

To make his plan work, he’d need an exceptional partner.


The performance is awesome so far! It more or less pays for itself with just these few months of rentals.”

We're super happy with Evolve. We've even had a few friends that we've pushed your way! Happy customers all around.”

David Arnold, Evolve Owner


When David reached out to Evolve, he already knew that he’d need a speedy response time, a professional listing, and an updated calendar to score well with listing sites’ algorithms. He’d spoken to multiple companies, but only Evolve was able to speak to his concerns about ranking well on the listing sites, which he knew would directly affect his booking rate.

“Other companies didn’t even know about the different algorithms and how VRBO and other sites rank the different properties. It seemed like you guys had a much more analytic approach.”

David also loved that we were established enough to provide him with vetted on-the-ground service providers who already worked with other vacation rental owners. “It was a super smooth process,” he says of signing up his cleaning and concierge service. “And she’s fantastic.”


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How is David faring so far? Just six months into his partnership with Evolve, he’s made $65,000 - plenty to cover his expenses with half a year to spare! “The performance is awesome so far,” David said. “It more or less pays for itself with just these few months of rentals.”

From sign-up to his six-month anniversary, David’s found his partnership with Evolve has delivered in every respect. He and his family were able to use the property whenever they wanted during the summer season, their income goals have been met, and he’s been able to take a hands-off approach to ownership knowing Evolve handled everything from marketing to issue resolution.

“It’s gone beyond our expectations,” David says. “For sure.”


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