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Case Study: Palm Springs Owners
Make $49,539 in 5 Months


Challenge: Help first-time owners establish a strong online presence to fill up their calendar - and their bank account.

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Rick and Natasha Labrie were not going to settle when it came to managing, marketing, and maintaining their rental. After spending 3 months renovating and updating their 3-bedroom Palm Springs home, they were determined to find a company they could trust to keep them at the forefront of the booking channels.

The couple knew that they needed a strong online presence for their rental to succeed - and it didn’t seem like any traditional property manager would spend the time or the resources to build the type of internet visibility they wanted.

But if they weren’t going to use a traditional property manager, what else was there?

Evolve has done such a great job and I really am just so happy with what I’ve seen."

The million dollar liability insurance, the 10% booking cost, the high level of communication, the custom listing and photos - it was all humongous in my decision to go with Evolve.”

Rick and Natasha Labrie, Evolve Owners


After doing research both online and with other homeowners, Rick found Evolve. They hadn’t known that a vacation rental management service like Evolve’s even existed, and they were pleasantly surprised to discover they weren’t the only ones who believed that a powerful online presence was essential to success.

“Evolve’s ads started popping up everywhere and I knew that was the exact type of exposure I wanted for my rental,” Rick explains. “So I researched what Evolve had to offer.” Evolve offered just what the Labries were looking for: great customer service, high visibility on the all of the top rental websites, and a low 10% booking fee. “I thought: that definitely works,” Rick says.


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How are Rick and Natasha doing since they joined Evolve? Within just five months, the Labries’ Palm Springs property has made them over $49,500 - and counting. “Evolve has done such a great job and I really am just so happy with what I’ve seen.” Rick said.

With 44 bookings under their belt, you can say the Labries are definitely happy with their success - but not surprised. Evolve gave them exposure on more websites than they ever expected, and they’re very excited to see how much more success Evolve will bring them in the next year.


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