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Case Study: Oregon Coast Vacation Rental Owner Earns $23,623 in 4 Months


Challenge: Rise head and shoulders above an underperforming national property management chain.

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Jay Newell grew up with vacation rentals. There are homes along the Oregon Coast that have been handed down from generation to generation, and Jay used to visit his grandfather’s vacation home in Gearhart as a child. When he decided to build his own vacation rental property, Gearhart was the natural choice.

There was just one problem: though the area is full of vacation rentals, almost everyone was unhappy with the national property management chain that handled most of the properties. The chain encouraged travelers to exceed maximum occupancy, charged high rates, and gave terrible customer service. Jay knew he didn’t want to work with that company, but he didn’t know of any other alternatives and thought he might have to settle. Until Evolve came calling.


You guys set everything up and were so accommodating, it was super easy. I don’t have to do anything but check my email for new bookings!”

It rented far more than I thought it would - I was shocked, to be honest. It’s a micro town, almost no one knows about it. If it wasn’t for the website, the pictures, the description - what Evolve sets up attracts guests. We’re so thrilled it’s unbelievable.”

Jay Newell, Evolve Homeowner


Evolve contacted Jay’s wife, Shannon, to see if there was any interest in their vacation rental management services. They were intrigued by the 10% management fee offered on the Core plan, particularly since Evolve's approach still allowed them to be hands-off as owners. 

After talking to the team further, Jay was specifically impressed by the quality of marketing Evolve could provide. Many families visit the same homes year after year on the Oregon Coast, so he knew his listing would have to seriously outshine the competition. With professional photography included, along with wide promotion across all the major booking sites and Evolve's extensive database, it seemed like Jay had found their best chance at success.


Time with Evolve

4 months

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In just four months, Jay and Shannon earned an amazing $23,623 on their newly-built property in Gearhart, OR. Jay tells us he never expected to get results like that his first year. “The people who come here have been coming for years and years. We thought it would take forever for them to take a chance on a new property. It took no time at all.”

He also loves that Evolve’s local partners allow him to be completely hands-off as an owner. “You guys set everything up, you were so accommodating, it was super easy. I wanted someone who was going to come in and do everything, and I got it. I don’t have to do anything but check my email for new bookings!”

Jay’s so pleased that he’s been spreading the good word to other owners in the area who don’t know there’s now a better option in town: “They need you out here. There’s just no comparison.”


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