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Case Study: Nashville Owner Scores $58,672 Worth of Bookings in 6 Weeks


Challenge: Give this first-time vacation rental owner an amazing return on his investment - in record time.

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Chris and Tori Gerbig had always used VRBO and Airbnb to rent properties for their vacations, so when Chris decided to strike out on a side venture, investing in vacation rental seemed like a natural choice. Chris and his wife often visited Nashville to enjoy music and events, and having a vacation property of their own would give them a great place to stay - and a tidy side income.

Chris consulted with his realtor to find out what type of property was in demand in Nashville and get the right permits for the process. He even hired an interior designer to create a beautiful, inviting space for guests. But since Chris works full-time and has several side businesses, he knew he’d need one more expert to help make his business a success: a great vacation rental manager.

Evolve manages the listing sites, traveler questions, phone calls, marketing, guest emails, payments - I couldn’t do all that myself."

I just sit back and watch the reservations roll in. They’re finally starting to slow down because there are no days left on the calendar!”

Chris Gerbig, Evolve Owner


Chris found Evolve by researching property managers in destinations he loved to visit, and quickly fell in love with our unique business model. “Evolve manages the listing sites, traveler questions, phone calls, marketing, guest emails, payments - I couldn’t do all that myself,” Chris says. Having a one-stop shop for all the services he needs made setting up his vacation rental easy.

He was immediately impressed by Evolve’s level of communication and engagement - he says it’s clear our team wanted to make his vacation rental a success. “They called me and checked in on the first few reservations and made sure I knew how to handle everything.” Proactive service and an industry-low 10% booking fee have made it easy and cost-effective for Chris to get his new venture off the ground.


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Chris’ Nashville vacation rental has brought in an amazing $58,672 worth of bookings in his first 6 weeks with Evolve. The bookings have been coming in so fast, in fact, that Chris got beaten to the punch for a holiday weekend. “My wife told me to block out one weekend for personal use. And of course I put it off for a day or two and before you knew it, those days were booked.”

Tori doesn’t have to worry, though, because Chris is already buying a second property in the same complex. “Obviously there’s no shortage of demand for it,” he says. He’s learned his lesson about making his wife’s reservations first, though. “First thing I’ll do is block off that weekend!”

That’s probably a good plan. We expect Chris’s second property to be just as popular as his first.


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