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Case Study: Longtime Napa Valley Owner Earns $230,602 in Six Months


Challenge: This experienced owner wanted to know his management company could provide the same profits and service he could. Evolve delivered.

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Joel Haddad and his partner Jim were running a successful European-style bed and breakfast in the heart of California Wine Country, but they noticed a growing trend toward vacation rental and wondered if it wouldn’t be wise to make a shift. They weren’t impressed by the high commissions vacation rental managers charged, however, and they saw they’d need to keep up with near-monthly changes in the industry to succeed.

Vacation rental was clearly going to be a difficult industry for the couple to crack while maintaining their values. They’d hoped to have more time to spend together, not less, and it was looking like keeping up with the changes in the travel industry might mean a huge time investment.

It seemed like they might be leaping out of the frying pan into the fire - until they found Evolve.

The Evolve team has very good communication and is always helpful. We always recommend Evolve to other vacation rental owners."

We wanted to find an option that made life easy, without the worries of cancellations, credit card fraud, maintaining a website. Nothing is ever finished, and in the world of the 21st century everything moves very quickly. We know Evolve will continue to stay ahead of the changes.”

Joel Haddad, Evolve Owner


Evolve promised to help Joel and Jim find the laid-back lifestyle they were seeking without compromising on their earnings. They felt the 10% management fee on our Core plan was well worth the amount of marketing effort we’d take off the couple’s plate. Working with the Evolve team, Joel and Jim soon had a professional listing with beautiful photos ready to go before the last B&B guests had checked out.

It’s a good thing we did: the 7-bedroom house had its first booking within a week of going live. The couple continued to provide their own on-the-ground services for the property - a flexibility Joel and Jim hadn’t been able to find with other managers - but they were now free of the time obligation involved in marketing the property, responding to inquiries, and keeping up with pre- and post-stay communications.


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Evolve helped Joel and Jim find the quieter pace of life they craved, but we definitely didn’t compromise on their income stream. After just six months, the couple has earned an incredible $230,602, and has a wealth of newfound spare time to spend together.

Since joining Evolve, Joel says it’s been smooth sailing. "The Evolve team has very good communication and is always helpful," Joel says, particularly when it comes to communicating with his own service team on new bookings and same-day turnarounds. "We always recommend Evolve to other vacation rental owners."


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