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CASE STUDY: Myrtle Beach Owner Makes $12,340 in Just 2 Months


Challenge: Help a first-timer overcome his fears about vacation rentals so he can hold onto his property.

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Aladdin and Courtney Mozingo knew they had to do something with their 2-bedroom condo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It had been their little slice of paradise for over two decades, but they hadn’t been able to use it for several years. They started looking into vacation rental, but promptly got a list of reasons why they shouldn’t make the plunge.

Several other owners in their property told them the local managers were nightmares: poor marketing, steep fees, and rigid contracts. The Mozingos didn’t want to manage the property themselves, but they didn’t want to sign up for huge management headaches, either.

One thing I like about Evolve is that they’re always there to answer questions. I feel like I have a team behind me.”

We were floored. This is considered the off-season, and we’re still getting bookings. It’s been beyond my wildest imagination.”

Aladdin Mozingo, Evolve Homeowner



While most of his fellow vacation homeowners hated their managers, there were a few notable exceptions, all of whom recommended Evolve for exceptional marketing and booking, customer service, and flexibility for owners.


“I did my due diligence, and I saw that Evolve is really serious about what it does and how it does it,” says Aladdin. “And looking at everything that they offer as a whole package - I felt like I was getting a lot of bang out of a 10% booking fee.”


Evolve was also able to allay Aladdin’s fears about renting. “My beach condo had always been sort of like my little utopia. I was just so scared something bad was going to happen.” Evolve’s willingness to explain every detail of the process put Aladdin at ease, though, and the Mozingos decided to give the partnership a try.


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The Mozingos came to Evolve after the start of the high season in Myrtle Beach, and braced themselves for a slow start - but Evolve delivered despite the time of year.

Aladdin and Courtney brought in over $12,000 in the first two months with their property and are still seeing reservations pour in. They even have guests already on the books for next year!

What’s more, Aladdin’s fears about difficult guests and managers have evaporated. “We’ve actually struck up with a friendship with a couple of guests.” Even the usual mild disputes are quickly resolved - with prompt attention. “One thing I like about Evolve is that they’re always there to answer questions. I feel like I have a team behind me.”


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