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Case Study: MT. RAINIER AREA Owner increases income by 50% in 6 months


Challenge: Pick up where local property manager left off and deliver bookings for out-of-state vacation rental owner.

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Anne Nicholas was in a bind when her local property manager decided to get out of the business. Her A-frame cabin in Packwood, Washington, wasn’t just a vacation home for her family. It was also an income property and she needed to find a new solution quickly.

Living in Colorado, Anne didn’t know where to turn. She wanted to work with a local company that would be around to help if there was a problem. But when she found another property management company in Packwood, she learned that they charged a massive 40% commission.

So when her old property manager told her about a Denver-based company called Evolve, she was open to a Plan B.

Evolve has been a godsend. I don’t have the time or desire to deal with all the administrative aspects of renting the cabin myself. Evolve takes care of all of that."

I’m so happy I found Evolve. My vacation home is renting more than before because the advertising is superior and the support services are phenomenal.”

Anne Nicholas, Evolve Owner


Anne was relieved to learn Evolve would take care of time-consuming tasks like managing the listing, marketing the property, securing bookings, and handling guest communications. Better yet, they would do it for a fraction of the cost that the local company charged.

“The fact that you guys took only 10%, I thought that was a bargain to be honest with you,” she said.

Anne’s concerns about working with a remote management company faded as she spoke with Evolve. “I’ve never met anyone there who has been anything less than super friendly, helpful and concerned, cooperative and efficient.”


Time with Evolve

6 months

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Total Bookings


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Six months later and ‘Annie’s Alpine,’ her beautifully restored A-frame cabin, is back on track. It’s actually getting more bookings than it ever did in the past.

Anne’s already booked over $12,800 in rental income and has guests checking in during what should be the off-season - which is a major win!

“With my old property manager, I had a definite mud season during late spring and autumn when it never really rented. Now, I had four or five bookings in September even though I’ve blocked off a number of days for myself.”

Anne is very happy with the number of bookings and she’s optimistic that she can do even better over time with the help of Evolve’s team. We’re confident she’s right and look forward to being there with her every step of the way.


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