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CASE Study: First-time renters
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Challenge:  Help a Florida couple successfully rent out their beloved bungalow so they can save for retirement.

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After living in an adorable bungalow in Melbourne, Florida, for 18 years, Rhonda and Curt Henderson were ready for their next adventure: buying a farm.

But with all the years they’d already invested in their home, they weren’t sure if they were quite ready to sell it - especially since the property was also their dream retirement spot. So they decided they would look into an alternative option, and they found short-term rental.

“We didn't know what to expect, we just thought why not and give it a try?” Rhonda said.

Rhonda and Curt had used VRBO and Homeaway as travelers, so they were familiar enough with the vacation rental industry to know that they didn’t have time to manage one on their own. Responding to guest inquiries, posting their listing on multiple sites, updating their calendar - it would all just be too much work.

There were a lot of things in the Evolve equation that were huge selling points for us. We wouldn’t have done short-term rental without their help.”

We loved the hassle-free idea of not having to take inquiries from people. We didn’t want to have to deal with those phone calls or worry about keeping up with the calendar."

Rhonda and Curt Henderson, Evolve Homeowners


Rhonda had seen ads for Evolve, and knew right off the back that it would be the best option for their home. “Evolve provided everything we needed, and the 10% off the top - it was nice to know exactly what fees we would be looking at when our property was rented.”

Not only would Evolve have teams to field guest inquiries, keep track of their calendar, give them the exposure they need, and set their rates - Rhonda and Curt could continue to be the main points of contact for their home.

“I am a people person,” Rhonda said, “I am always offering to meet my guests at check-in to go over things and I am on-call for them while they are in my home.”

For just 10%, Rhonda and Curt got everything they needed and more to begin their short-term rental adventure. While they weren’t exactly sure what to expect when they started renting out their home, they hoped to at least be able to cover some of their utility bills.


Time with Evolve

10 months

Nights Booked


Total Bookings


Rental Income



Rhonda and Curt are floored with the success they’ve had with Evolve so far. The rental pays for itself and more. The utility bills are always taken care of by the bookings, and they’ve already been able to pay off their mortgage!

In just 10 months, the Hendersons have made almost $76,000 and have booked just short of 400 nights and counting.

“I am so thankful for what Evolve has done for us and for our home. Everything is over and above what we could have expected, and the only problem we’ve ever had is that guests sometimes ask to extend their stay!”


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