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Case Study: Maui Owner Achieves 84% Occupancy Rate


Challenge: Help a first-time vacation rental owner out-earn her more experienced neighbors.

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Christina Hoeft never intended to own a vacation rental. She bought a beautiful 2-bedroom condo on Maui because she had fond memories of spending summers there as a child and thought it would be the perfect place for her family to rest and relax on their holidays.

She was right. Christina and her family loved the Maui property - but for only a few months out of the year. Not wanting her property to sit empty the rest of the time, Christina discovered some of her neighbors were renting out their properties when they weren’t in residence. There was just one problem: as a busy professional, Christina had no time to manage the property herself.

If she was going to get into this business, she needed some professional help.


I couldn't have dreamt my vacation home would turn into the success it has!"

I haven’t spent a dollar out of my own pocket paying the mortgage or insurance or repairs or anything. It’s all come out of the profits I’ve generated.”

Christina Hoeft, Evolve Homeowner


Christina fell in love with Evolve right away. The 10% fee was low, the onboarding process was easy and efficient, and she loved the Evolve Homeowner Guide she got when she signed up - the comprehensive guide gave her tons of insider strategies for making her vacation rental appealing to guests.

Christina especially appreciated that Evolve collaborated with her on pricing her rental. With a background in real estate, she wanted to be sure she could put her extensive knowledge of the Maui market to work for her business. “I actually decided to go lower than their initial rate recommendations. Evolve didn’t fight me on it.” That low pricing helped Christina get bookings immediately, allowing her to command a higher rate over the long term.


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2 years

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With competitive pricing, in-depth information on staging her rental for success, and a professional team making sure her guests’ booking process goes smoothly, Christina has enjoyed incredible success. Over the last two years with Evolve, she’s achieved an 84% occupancy rate and earned a phenomenal $151,311 - financing not only the costs of her property, but a permanent move to Maui!

Christina never thought of a vacation home as a potential business. She couldn’t have dreamed she’d be financing a move to one of her dream destinations while maintaining her successful career. Sometimes, though, life gives you the partners you need to make your dream a reality.


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