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Case study: Experienced Owner Increases Income by 40% in 6 Months


Challenge: Help a vacation rental owner with 16 years of experience maximize his rental income.

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Shawn Fransen got started with vacation rentals in 2001. With a background in real estate and a number of long-term rentals in Scottsdale, Arizona, he wasn’t new to the industry. He had vacationed in Hawaii during his childhood and loved it, so it was the natural choice when he decided to invest in short-term rental properties.

10 years later, Shawn had properties in Hawaii, Arizona, and Colorado, and business was thriving - but it was costing him in other ways. “I was handling it all myself and getting kind of fed up. I used property managers in the past and I felt like they didn’t care that much. They would offer aggressive discounts, and they weren’t getting as many bookings with my properties.”


The 2-bedroom place I have listed with you is way outperforming what I did - WAY outperforming."

I give you an A+ overall. I give you an A for follow-up, an A for response time, and an A for income growth. Evolve’s team has made me really happy.”

Shawn Fransen, Evolve Owner


When Evolve contacted Shawn to see if he was interested in trying a new approach to vacation rental, he was curious but not convinced. “I’m open to trying new things, but it often ends up being a waste of time,” says Shawn. “In the back of my mind, when I signed up, I thought I was going to give it about 2 months and then be done.”

Still, he decided to give it a shot. Since Evolve doesn’t require an upfront investment or lock homeowners into a contract, he had nothing to lose. Plus, he liked that he would be able to delegate out his marketing and booking tasks and save time, so he listed 2 of his 10 properties with Evolve as a trial.


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6 Months










It’s now been 6 months, and Shawn hasn't jumped ship. In fact, he’s just getting started. He's earned more than $65,000 with his 2 Kona properties and he’s thinking about bringing more on board.

“The 2-bedroom place I listed with you is way outperforming what I did - WAY outperforming. The 3-bedroom is performing about the same as it was when I was doing it myself, but I’m still happy because I’m not having to do any of the work.”


With a dedicated team saving him time and a dynamic pricing model that's improving his results, Shawn couldn’t be happier about how Evolve has performed for him.


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