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Case Study: Vacation Rental Owner Hits 74% Occupancy Rate with Evolve


Challenge: Help a brand-new owner make a substantial profit in a highly competitive rental area.

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When David Schultz and his family bought their 3-bedroom condo in Kissimmee, Florida, they thought they’d only use it a few weeks a year to visit Disney World. After they talked to some neighbors in the area, they realized they could make some money renting it out when they weren’t using it themselves, and started looking around for the best management service available.


The local property management companies in the Orlando area were ready to take him on; in fact, David says he was getting a lot of pressure from various companies to sign contracts. David didn’t like being pushed, and it wasn’t until he spoke with the Evolve team that he felt someone, finally, was willing to take the time to explain vacation rental to him thoroughly.


He’s never looked back.


Other owners in our complex get half as many bookings as we do"

It’s rented dang near non-stop! We’re looking to get another couple of properties in the next 12 months and we’re definitely using Evolve. We wouldn’t look anywhere else.”

David Schultz, Evolve Owner


Right away, David knew he had a special team on his hands. “First and foremost, it was the professionalism. [Regional Director] Kassandre gave me all the information I needed to make an educated decision.” He was also pleased at how much we invested in him upfront, sending a professional photographer to the villa and getting to know his property inside and out.

Once he got started, he was amazed at how well Evolve managed to book up his property in an area known for being very competitive to rent. “Other owners in our complex get half as many bookings as we do. All our reviews are five-stars. You recommended an amazing cleaning team that takes care of everything - it’s been a great partnership across the board.” Our 10% booking fee and full-time team fielding his inquiries didn’t hurt David’s good opinion of us, either!


Time with Evolve

18 months

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Rental Income



David and his wife Dawn have made a healthy $48,155 in rental income on their condo since signing up for Evolve, and achieved a phenomenal 74% occupancy rate. In an area that has thousands of similar properties, that’s an amazing achievement. David is so thrilled that he and his wife are hoping to purchase another property in Kissimmee very soon.

“Our long-term goal is to own 10 properties in the next 10 years. It wasn’t until we started working with Evolve that we even thought of that plan, but now we know it can work. We have had no negative experiences whatsoever.” David even tells his relatives that when they’re traveling to look at Evolve’s properties first - he’s confident our service is the best wherever they go.


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