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Case Study: Hot Springs Owner Finally  Experiences Stress-free Vacation Rental


Challenge: Deliver hassle-free bookings to long-time owner
after her property manager went out of business.

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When Vickie Stubblefield found out that her property manager was going out of business, she was admittedly a little relieved. After eight months of poor communication, confusing charges, and broken household items, she was ready for a change.

Because she was living over 300 miles away from the rental property in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Vickie needed to find a replacement to manage her property quickly.


This time around, she wanted an organized, professional, and performance-driven management company that she could trust to do a good job with her home.

The communication has been amazing. I know we only have one property with you, but I feel like if we had 10, you’d do the same thing.”

Everyone at Evolve has been great to work with. It feels like I’m working with my son at the family business we started a few years back.”

Vickie Stubblefield, Evolve Owner


After doing some research, Vickie discovered Evolve and was drawn to the company because of its impressive internet presence. If Evolve was doing such a good job advertising itself online, she figured it could do the same for her property!

Working with Evolve meant getting her listing on VRBO, HomeAway, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and Flipkey. She felt confident that having additional exposure would make it easier for travelers to find her vacation rental and keep it filled with bookings. Plus, she appreciated that Evolve’s full-time dedicated teams would be available to help her any time she had a question or concern.


Time with Evolve

2 years

Nights Booked


Total Bookings


Rental Income



Since signing up with Evolve, Vickie’s two-bedroom condo has generated an impressive $59,804 worth of bookings, putting her at the top of the market in Hot Springs.

But what’s more valuable than the money is the comfort of knowing that her property is in great hands and that her days of stress are over.

“With the old property manager, I dreaded every phone call because he was immediately on the defensive instead of just walking me through a question about a price or something like that. The communication with Evolve has been amazing. No one is defensive when I have questions or concerns.”

Because things are finally working like a well-oiled machine, Vickie has time to think about the future. After seeing how much success she’s had so far, her 2019 plans include adding a second vacation rental to her portfolio!


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