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Case Study: New vacation rental owners earn over $64,000 in 7 months


Challenge: Help first-time vacation rental owners in Granby, Colorado earn a profit on their new investment property - and then some.

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When Stacy and Michael Dedin decided to diversify their investment portfolio by purchasing a property in Granby, Colorado, they knew they were going to need some help. As first-time vacation rental owners, the Dedins were determined to find a management service that would bring them the best results possible.


After a Granby real estate agent told Michael about Evolve, he decided to investigate. But since this was the Dedins’ first property, they didn’t want to commit to anything until they were confident they found the right partner.

After researching several traditional property management companies, the Dedins found that they kept coming back to Evolve. They couldn’t believe the low 10% management fee for their Core plan — and since they could join with no long-term commitments required, they decided to give it a try.


"The entire process was so seamless and easy. From the first call we made to Evolve, to helping us find a cleaning company, to the photo shoot, to the property description, to getting our property live on all the listing sites. ”

Evolve has been amazing, with not just getting our property booked, but also answering all of our questions and handling our concerns along the way.”

Michael Dedin, Evolve Owner


Evolve’s communication, transparency, professional listings and photography contributed to the Dedins’ confidence in their decision, and ultimately to their rental success.

In fact, even before the Dedins’ property went live, they found themselves overjoyed with Evolve. “The onboarding process was incredibly easy, and Evolve’s customer service is just great.” Michael said. “I probably called a couple times a month, and every time I would to talk to someone, they answered all of my questions.”

When the Dedins’ property went live in October of 2017, they had high hopes for how their rental would do. In fact, they told themselves that if they didn’t get 100 nights booked in their first year, they would leave Evolve.


Time with Evolve

7 months

Nights Booked


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Rental Income



Evolve has already exceeded the Dedins’ expectations, and it’s only been a little over six months.

Since the time their property went live, the Dedins have already booked 132 nights and made over $64,000! When asked if they ever stay in the property, Michael laughed: “We do try to stay there occasionally, but you guys have booked it so much we haven’t even been able to! It’s a great problem to have.”

The Dedins have had such a great experience with Evolve, that they’ve even referred three other homeowners. We can't wait to see the success Evolve brings these new owners in the coming months!


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