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Case Study: Fredericksburg Owner Makes $69,000 in first year as host


Challenge: Handle the business of running a rental so first-time-renter can focus on providing memorable experiences for guests

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After raising her children in Colorado, Donna Younger decided it was time to go back to Texas, where she grew up. As a lover of entertaining and traveling, Donna had an idea. She would start her own rental business in Fredericksburg, TX, which had turned into a quaint traveler destination over the years. It was the perfect way to stay busy and pay her rent as she spent time in Austin with her family.


Donna bought a 1950s Fredericksburg Farmhouse in July of 2017 and spent the next several months renovating it, including converting the back barn into an entertainment area. As the renovations began winding down in late 2017, Donna researched services to handle the business side of things. But when she saw how much the local property management companies were charging, she wasn’t sure what to do next.


“The local property managers were charging 30% and even 40%. I thought to myself, oh my, I can’t afford this. I would be giving away all my profits and control.”


Evolve handles all of the business aspects, which takes the biggest load off of me and allows me to focus on the part I enjoy - entertaining guests. We work perfectly together.

I wouldn't be here without Evolve. I had a billion questions about the industry starting out. Evolve was so patient with me and provided the perfect solution. Partnering with Evolve has gone wildly beyond my expectations.

Donna Younger, Evolve Owner


Feeling overwhelmed by the high fees and major restrictions the Fredericksburg property managers demanded, Donna decided to explore more options elsewhere.


That’s when she found Evolve.


Evolve was the perfect solution to Donna’s problem. We offered an industry-low 10% fee, handled all of the intricacies of rate setting and marketing, and our unique business model allowed her to continue to be the main point of contact for guests.


“While Evolve, the professionals handle everything else. I make my rental special for guests. If guests tell me they’re celebrating a birthday, I leave them birthday cake. If they tell me they’re celebrating an anniversary, I’ll leave them wine.”


With Evolve taking care of the business side of her rental, Donna could spend her time getting her property ready for guests, providing welcome gifts for their arrivals, and guaranteeing that their stay at Texas Roots would be one to remember.


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Being completely new to vacation rental, Donna didn’t know what to expect. She was really just hoping to make enough money to help with rent.


With Evolve’s help, she’s been able to pursue her passion for entertaining and cover more than just a little rent.


Since Donna’s property went live with Evolve in February of 2018, Donna has grossed over $69,000 with 51 bookings, earning enough money to cover rent, pay her mortgage, and have extra cash on the side.


“I have been so blown away. Evolve has handled everything so professionally, everyone knows my name when I call, and I truly have nothing negative to say at all.”


Our partnership with Donna has been an incredible success - and we can’t wait for more guests to visit her exquisite property.


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