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Case Study: Cape Cod Owner Earns $28,475 In Her First Month


Challenge: Help a first-time vacation rental owner with high expectations achieve her rental income goal.

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Julie Merritt is a planner. 48 hours after she and her wife Amy Kumpel finished their honeymoon in St. Thomas, they closed on a gorgeous 2-bedroom condo in their favorite getaway location: Provincetown, Massachusetts. Two hours after closing, the newlyweds were conducting interviews for handymen, painters, and cleaners to get the condo in picture-perfect shape for rental. Over the next four weeks, they bought lovely furniture, hung window treatments, and equipped the kitchen.

You can imagine that such an ambitious and well-organized couple does not decide on their property manager lightly. Julie conducted hours of research into various companies, but didn’t feel any of them was offering a big enough return for the large percentage of her income she would pay for their services - until she found Evolve.


It was a tight time frame and getting a photographer out here proved difficult, but you resolved that issue within one day.”

I did a fair amount of research, so I was pretty confident in Evolve, but when we started to get all those bookings, I knew we’d made the right choice.”

Julie Merritt, Evolve Owner


“I’m in sales, so I always do my research,” Julie says of her hunt for the ideal property manager. She was particularly impressed with Evolve’s online presence and our case studies, which showed that we knew the marketing aspect of the business inside and out. “I figured if you know how to do your own marketing this well, you’ll know how to do my marketing.”

Julie even investigated an aspect of Evolve that not many would consider. “I looked at employee reviews of your company on Glassdoor, and the people doing customer service seemed to like their jobs.” Fielding their own bookings was a real option for them, as Amy is a teacher with her summers free, so they wanted a team that could match their own enthusiasm and professionalism.

The couple ultimately decided that the low booking fee of 10% was well worth the array of services they’d receive in return: free listing on all major vacation rental sites, impeccable customer service for their travelers, and the professional marketing that had so impressed Julie from the start.


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Julie and Amy turned a profit just as rapidly as they’ve done everything else in their vacation rental endeavor: they earned a whopping $28,475 in their very first month. Julie’s keen eye for a sound investment obviously helped their vacation rental become such a huge success, but she says she could never have executed her plan without the hard work of the Evolve team.

“It was a tight time frame, and we had 20 things that had to happen, and getting a photographer out here proved difficult, but you resolved that issue within one day. Once we got things going, we started seeing bookings right away. I would actually feel bad if we got to 5:00 pm without getting an email from Evolve! We were thrilled.”

The newlyweds are so pleased with their success that they’re seriously considering buying a second investment property already. It was all we could do to keep up with this accomplished duo’s fast-moving lives the first time around, but we can’t wait to do it again.


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