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Case Study: Black Hills Area Owner  Quadruples Rental Income Goal


Challenge: Turn this owner’s underperforming investment property into a thriving vacation rental business.

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When Marjorie Bender closed out her first year as a vacation rental owner, she barely broke even. It was a disappointment after pouring so much energy and money into her first investment property, a historic cabin right on the slopes of local ski resort in South Dakota’s Black Hills.

She thought the location would make it easy to attract winter and summer guests. But her local property manager was only managing to attract one booking per month.

It wasn’t until she saw an online ad for Evolve that she started to wonder if there might be another option out there. The ad featured a testimonial by Don, who said, “You have GOT to check out Evolve,” and that’s exactly what Marjorie did.

I thought it sounded too good to be true. But it’s been nearly two years and I'm still pinching myself!”

My first booking was July 21 and then from there, it just took off. It was like booking, booking, booking. I was so excited. The first year was a phenomenal success.”

Marjorie Bender, Evolve Owner


After Marjorie started researching Evolve, things were sounding better and better.

Evolve would send a professional photographer out to her cabin to take pictures for the listing. Then they would create a custom listing for her property and promote it on top listing sites like Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, and Trip Advisor.

Compared to the 30% commission and $400 annual fee she was paying, Evolve only charged 10% per booking, had no annual fees, and covered the costs for all of the listing sites.

Plus, she would get an insurance policy that covered every stay for up to $3,000 in damages and $1 million in liability so she would no longer have to deal with pesky security deposits.

Marjorie was cautiously optimistic that it would be as good as it seemed, but Evolve has delivered month after month. She hasn’t had a single complaint yet.


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Marjorie described that her partnership with Evolve was like the stars aligning. “I was impressed with not only the photographer that Evolve hired, but also with how amazing the pictures turned out. Then what you wrote for the description just exploded with beautiful prose and words that fit perfectly.”

Now, her cabin is booked solid all summer long. And during the winter, it’s booked every weekend. In 1.5 years with Evolve, she’s booked $66,399 in rental income.

“Things were not going well until Evolve. And now, I'm getting 4x the return that I was hoping to get. It has been perfect and I can't imagine a better fit with any other company.”


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