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After staying in dozens of Airbnbs over the years, Peter and Keren Rabbino fell in love with vacation rentals. The successful real estate professionals saw huge opportunity in the concept and began to look into buying a vacation rental of their own.

They settled on one of Peter’s favorite vacation spots, Asheville, North Carolina, after running the numbers and determining they could generate a good return on their investment.

The biggest challenge? The Rabbinos lived 800 miles away in Miami, Florida.

First, Peter and Keren turned to well-established property managers in the area. But the couple wasn’t impressed by the services they offered or the prices they charged. What they needed was a partner who could help them hit the ground running - at a fair price - so they kept looking.

That’s when they found Evolve.


I was first interested when I saw the 10% fee. It was lower than everyone else. But what really got me was that Evolve’s marketing was much more sophisticated than those old-school places I was considering.”

We’ve been very happy with our performance with Evolve. Our property’s been booked just about every weekend since it went live. We’re right on track to meet our goals financially!"

Peter and Keren Rabbino, Evolve Owners


What caught their eye was that, unlike the local property management companies they'd found that charged between 30 and 40%, Evolve just charged a low 10% booking fee.

“I was first interested when I saw the commission rate. The 10% fee was lower than everywhere else. But what really got me was that Evolve’s marketing was much more sophisticated than some of those old-school places I was considering,” said Peter.

Evolve created a custom listing for their beautiful mid-century modern home and promoted it on Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, TripAdvisor, and others so it was visible to millions of travelers every day.


Evolve also introduced the Rabbinos to Brandy, a local cleaner, who has since grown to become a main point of contact for their vacation rental business. “Brandy has turned us onto plumbers, electricians, carpenters, handymen. She helps restock the place and makes it so easy for us,” Peter added.


Time with Evolve

10 months

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Total Bookings


Rental Income



Just 10 months into their first year, the Rabbinos have made over $72,100 in bookings. They’ve hosted guests nearly every weekend and they’re exploring strategies to expand into longer stays.

They’re doing so well that they’re actively looking for a second property to use as a short-term rental. 

“We are looking very hard for our next vacation rental. It’s really been a great experience so far. I guess the classic way of saying it, is that it’s been a win-win.”

And when they do find the right place, they will know who to call for help to get it up and running.


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