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Case Study: Evolve Outperforms Traditional Property Manager by 284%


Challenge: Take a poorly-performing property and give the owners their best year’s earnings yet.

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Jim Choura’s local property management company had been managing his Lake Arrowhead, California home for years, and he liked the owners very much. But bookings were consistently poor, and Jim was convinced his gorgeous property should be earning substantially more income. He thought perhaps his PM’s outdated website and marketing methods were contributing to the problem.

Jim’s instincts were correct. His previous property manager brought in approximately $22,000 in earnings last year - well below HomeAway’s stated average for a vacation rental - and his beautiful home certainly should have been in high demand. What’s more, the property manager charged a high fee, which meant Jim was losing even more of his already-low earnings.

There was just one snag; Jim’s wife Melanie was hesitant to make a change. She was worried switching property managers would cause more problems than it fixed. So Jim went looking for another option that both he and Melanie could get behind.


My wife and I are very pleased with the revenue we have made and the peace of mind we get from working with such a reliable company.”

I would say if anyone’s hesitating, wondering about the amount of work relative to the success: trust me, you’re going to benefit. Evolve makes it easy and they’ve figured out how to get people to just say yes to booking. It’s night and day from our old manager.”

Jim Choura, Evolve Homeowner


Jim found Evolve through a simple online search, and was immediately impressed with our website's professionalism and the thought put into our marketing strategies. Jim was also attracted to the low 10% booking fee, which was far less than he was paying his current manager, but he was even more encouraged by the wide range of services covered.

Jim signed up on the spot and had one of our free professional photographers at his property the next week. He’s been enjoying our promptness and professionalism ever since. Our team of full-time Travel Advisors answers every traveler inquiry, our Success Team is always ready to talk pricing strategy, and we keep his local housecleaner up to date on every new booking. Jim says the difference is like night and day.


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Since switching to Evolve, Jim has nearly quadrupled his earnings to a whopping $84,40 7! Jim says the communication, professionalism, and our willingness to listen to his feedback when creating our pricing plan for his Lake Arrowhead property have all been key in helping him make an amazing profit - and the year’s not over yet.

We even won over Jim’s wife Melanie. “As it’s gone on, she’s bragging that we changed. She loves the revenue and says it’s much easier to run. The property’s in great shape and the impact on her has been minimal. So Melanie’s happy.” And if Melanie’s happy, we’re happy.

Jim has his sights on making a round $100,000 before his first year with Evolve is over. We can’t wait to help him do just that.


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